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"Well then. We should getting going. I can’t trust him too long in the house alone otherwise he starts tearing up all the toilet paper and rolls around on my bed. I mean, I love the mutt, but god I hate the fur he leaves." He laughed, tucking her arm around his before they walked through the door. This was going to be just like when they were younger. When a young Knight stumbled across a runaway Princess in the woods, and spent all their time together.

He was his happiest with Snow. He loved his life in Wonderland. He loved his family and everyone in the White Castle, but the joy he felt there was only a fraction to what he felt when he was with his Princess.

"He’ll go crazy when he sees you again, he’ll more than likely try and steal all the attention, but I’ll just have to fight him for you." Jack smiled, lacing his fingers with hers as they walked back to his home, the cold wind biting at their cheeks.   

"Well, it’s not as though you couldn’t just wash your sheets more often." She paused.

"Well, I was usually the one who did the more domestic things. You have to do it by yourself, don’t you?" The princess chuckled to herself at the thought of this man being left to his own devices. 

He took the lead once they found their way out and she was more than comfortable with this. Her head leaned onto him, not really being bothered by the cold or the ice. Snow thought that this reality was more like fiction, their noses cold and hands grasped tightly together, it was nice. It was more than nice. They would spend a warm day together, catching up and she already didn’t want this day to end. 

Her mind left briefly to some of the other things that she knew she should be doing, but she snapped herself back when they began to near their destination. Light eyes looked to him, then back to the sidewalk.  

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~ R E U N I T E ~


His smile grew when he heard she had the day off, and better yet, she actually wanted to spend her time with him. Him of all people in own. “I-I’d love nothing more then to spend the day with you Snow. I was going to ask you if you wanted to pop round mine tonight after school and see Rook too. That mutt keep whining and I’m pretty sure it’s because he misses a certain raven haired woman. But since it’s closed… How about we make dinner together?”

He thanked Granny for the coffees and and offered her his arm before nodding over to the door, pure euphoric excitement running through every fibre of his being at the thought of having Snow all to himself for a day. Just like before. “Well, my lady, shall we see to my noble hound and curl up by the fire?”

A bright smile lit up Snow’s face. They were acting as they had when they were once… Well, together. His face brought comfort to her, the kind that she missed laying awake in bed. The brunette longed for the days when they spent every moment together, when they would go out for dinner or even bring it to the school when she had to stay late. She remembered how loving and caring he was, something she tried to forget during their separation. 

"I miss Rook so much!" She exclaimed. That dog was truly missed from her life. Snow was always great with animals and this pup meant to so much to her.

"I would love to." Her smile softened, but not out of lack or enthusiasm. She almost started to feel sad with how happy the man before her made her feel. She worried that this all might be too short lived and soon enough she would be without him once more. Her true love. Her only true love.

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Walking briskly, a few pages held tightly in a binder tucked under her arm, she reached for the door.The knob turned and, as always, the delightful “ding” was heard. Greetings that were trained to come out of her mouth were heard by a few of the diner’s patrons,…

The embrace lasted not nearly long enough for the former queen. As they pulled apart, she felt the warmth from his body evaporate into the space around them. An inaudible sigh escaped her lips softly. The hair that she forgot to cut made small whisps on her neck and forehead as she moved. Her eyes looked up and to him, she felt comfortable watching his lips move. Hearing his words.

"Actually, school has been closed today, due to the weather. I have today free!" The last bit came out almost too excitedly. Her rosy cheeks more pink than normal as she did everything within her power to let his hand linger on her for just a little longer. Her own hand fiddling with a button on his coat.

"So, if you have nothing better to do, we could spend it together." She knew that he probably had work, but there was nothing wrong with asking. He already offered to walk with her. Their past wasn’t something that could be easily forgotten, well, without a potion for it.

"I mean, I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you, of course."

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Season 1:

E1 “Pilot”
E2 “The Thing You Love Most”
E3 “Snow Falls”
E4 “The Price of Gold”
E5 “That Still Small Voice”
E6 “The Shepherd”
E7 “The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter”
E8 “Desperate Souls”
E9 “True North”
E10 “7:15 A.M.”
E11 “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree”

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Full Album with More Pictures

OUaT Filming in Steveston (January 24)

Taken by Larry Andreutti.

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A perfectly formed eye brow arched high at his words, they seemed to hold a double meaning. However, he could just be eccentric. Snow had lost count of how many friends gave her a different impressions after the first meeting. The brunette figured that there…

Light eyes surveyed him, her mind working to figure him out as much as possible. He spoke of his knowledge not unlike many others that she has encountered, but she was sure no one would speak of their power to outwit to someone they wish to fool. His hand rose out to her, the fingers long and slender, the skin rather pale. She thought to herself that they almost looked alike. Red lips smiled as she reached for him.

"Of course I trust you." Her nativity was both a blessing and a curse. Snow, however hesitated before she said her name; she was unsure if it would be wise to give him her real name.

"I’m Snow, Snow White." She took her chances.

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//Texas decided to start snowing just now… That’s cool. #snowinthesnow

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Just a reminder that it is Sexual Sunday. Feel free to pester my muse appropriately or rather inappropriately.

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"Hello, my name is Snow White. It's a pleasure to meet you." // This is a multi-universe rp blog, I am open to rp pretty much anything!
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